Larysa Rychkova

Author, Mathematician, Artist

My thriller is in the process of publishing with Black Opal Books, so it's a good time to introduce myself to my future readers.

I was born in the former Soviet Union, in the republic of Ukraine. Although an exceptional student in applied mathematics and science, I think I was born with a creative zest and the love of arts.

After finishing my university degree in mathematics and computer programming in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro, I was assigned my first job in the central part of Russia, within a scientific engineering industry. My subsequent career took me to the very Far East of Russia where I learned new skills, adjusted to the Far East culture of Russia and brought up two children. The experience of living in the snowy and cold climate, with the temperatures dropping to -30C in winter shaped the rest of my life when I returned to Ukraine.


Later on, I had a successful 20 year career as a Director of a Job Centre in a Ukrainian town. I used my skills dealing with people to ensure employment was found, giving me great satisfaction in helping others.

Closely towards my retirement my family circumstances changed and I moved and settled in Great Britain. I wasn’t ready to retire just yet and all my previous life experiences pushed me on my creativity road which I will never regret.

I started to write a fictional thriller, inspired from real life, in places where possibly not many readers have been. In my creative process I am excited to dive into a world from the past or into the future where we are expecting unbelievable turn of events which will change our world.


A Clash of Forces

Coming soon. Published by Black Opal Books

I’ve been working on this latest release for quite some time now, and can’t wait for you to read it.

‘Two forces in the race against time…who will win?

 After a whirlwind romance, a middle-aged Russian lady, Lara Petrova, marries an ageing British businessman Derek Harrison. Unbeknown to Lara, Derek, under immense pressure, has agreed to collaborate with the Russian secret services against Lara’s son Alex. Alex, who is studying nuclear energy science for his doctorate at Stockholm University, has invented an important new source of energy, which could remove the need for fossil fuels for the country who becomes the owner of this ground-breaking technology. The Russians want the invention at any cost, but the British want it, too. Alex just wants to stay alive…’


About the Author

I’ve always been passionate about storytelling and impressed by the influence it has on people and the decisions they make in life.

It was easy for me to write intriguing insights in a real Russians life, with interesting glimpses about the world where possibly many readers have not been. This story hopefully will eliminate the myth about women from the Eastern part of Europe who search for love, and make us believe that sometime someone will invent something which makes our world a greener place, and to live without a dependency from current energy sources which will change the world forever.



Meet Larysa Rychkova

At some point of my life I was inspired by a huge picture on a wall, a magnificent view of a storm in the sea with a lost white yacht almost drowning between high waves… made only from wood!

The picture was made by artists from the laboratory of a furniture factory. That inspiration led me to find a book which taught me the techniques to make a beautiful wooden picture by myself. So I did it! For our family and friends. You have a look on the photo. You need a strong determination and artistic eyes to do this difficult art - known as Marquetry.

I also tried to paint, and made a few pictures to display at home. Look at these flowers!


What is Marquetry? 

‘Have you ever made a picture by cutting many pieces of paper or wood and putting them together? If so, you were following a process similar to marquetry.
Marquetry is a process of creating patterns and designs on objects like furniture using thin veneers or layers of materials like hardwood, shell or ivory. Pieces are cut and fit together to form a very decorative flat surface image. Marquetry is an old process that dates back thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians practiced a similar process in which they made inlay surfaces, which means filling recessed areas with small pieces of material. But marquetry really developed into a sophisticated art form in Europe in the mid-1500s. Eventually, schools opened in places like France and Germany to teach marquetry, and it became a popular way to decorate furniture. The term comes from an old French word 'marqueter,' which means to inlay.’

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